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Client:CC LAB
Date:September 02, 2016

Simpsons Sponsorship Bumpers

We created these fun, irreverent NCS sponsorship bumpers for the Simpsons on Sky 1 . CC Lab asked us to a design and animate original characters that could interact with pre shot live action footage. The animated characters needed to have the swagger of skateboard stickers and use the NCS colour pallette.

Shots from previous shoots were carefully selected with the motion graphics in mind. Then the animation was timed up with action cues in the live action before being composited into the final shot.


simpsons-bumpers-1-motion-graphics-visual-effects-3d-animation-branding-design-film simpsons-bumpers-2-motion-graphics-visual-effects-3d-animation-branding-design-film simpsons-bumpers-3-motion-graphics-visual-effects-3d-animation-branding-design-film simpsons-bumpers-4-motion-graphics-visual-effects-3d-animation-branding-design-film

Animation Design and Direction – Make Productions
Character Design and Animation – Joe Fellows @ Make Productions
Additional animation – Adrien Kulig
Post Production – Make Productions
Agency – CC Lab
Client – NCS
CC Lab Producers – Rosie Wells, Fran Langlands